My Name is Will Gittner. I bet you think I look like a normal 10 year old. In a lot of ways I am, I like, math, Legos, video games, music, and riding my bike. Would you believe I had 3 hospital stays, 15 ER visits and nearly 200 doctors visits last year. Let me tell you it wasn’t fun at all. I was to sick to celeabrate my double digit birthday. I have a disease called mitochondrial dysfunction (mito for short). Basically it means my cells do not produce enough energy to do normal things, like maintain,my heart beat, blood pressure, body temperature, walk and even digest my food. This disease is painful. Sometimes, I am so weak I have to use a wheelchair, and I do not have enough energy to even open my eyes. I miss lots of fun things like birthday parties, time with my friends, and playing outside. I can’t even go to school. I bet you never thought you would hear a 10 year old boy say that! I look normal, but my life is not. Mom and Dad took me to a lot of doctors, finally, Dr. Natarajan and Dr. Corbier figured out what was wrong. I even helped Dr. Corbier with one of his medical studies. Fortunately, it wasn’t hard or painful, but it gave him some very valuable information about mitochondrial disease. Would you believe, I am only 10 year olds and I have already lost 6 friends to complications from mitochondrial disease. Trust me, it is not healthy for a 10 year old to go to more funerals and memorial services than birthday parties. Right now, no one really knows why kids get mitochondrial disease. Dr. Corbier and his team are very good at finding solutions. One thing I really like is Dr. Corbier brings all my doctors, nutritionist, and therapist together. My parents and I talk to ALL my health care team at the same time. We talk about what is working and what is not working. Everyone listens to me.

I want to be well! I want to go to birthday parties, amusement parties, and hang out with my friends. All kids with mito want to be well. We do not enjoy needles, hospital visits, IV’s, and constant pain. We need your help! Our parents need your help! Brain Restoration Ministries wants to provide healthcare, support, and research for kids with autism and mitochondrial disease and hope for those of us suffering with neurological dysfunctions. Your donation will help our suffering. Insurance doesn’t always cover our multiple therapies. Some kids, like me have tried experimental treatments and insurance doesn’t cover costs. Good health is a gift! Please give us that gift. Thank you for reading my story.

Will Gittner