1st Nov


Current Research Projects

1- tDCS. We have our tDCS machine and have been using it on select patients before the actual study starts. We are waiting for funding for extra equipment before we can start.

2-DHA has already been demonstrated to be very important for brain development and function. We are looking at a particular form of DHA called DHA-EE. We are working on protocols for our DHA-EE study. We want to see if this form of DHA has a positive effect on a subset of children with autism that have not seen any benefit from the regular DHA (or DHA-triglycerides). Several children with peroxisomal biogenesis disorder have done very well with DHA-EE and we want to see if this applies to other groups as well (starting with autism).

3-Over 1 year ago we started having regular meetings regarding the creation of a special mitochondrial support system with several healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive care to those suffering with the disorder. We are behind schedule but still plan to make this a reality.

4- We have other endeavors that we are preparing for to be announced soon.


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