Our Mission

The mission at Brain Restoration Ministries (BRM) is to conduct clinical research and also develop innovative therapeutic approaches to positively impact the lives of all patients with neurological challenges. Further, we aim to increase access to the highest quality of personalized and patient-centered health care possible, by removing the barrier of financial limitations.


Our Team


Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier

Dr. Corbier is a Board Certified Pediatric Neurologist. He has a special interest in working with children with Autism and related spectrum disorders. He has a strong interest in speech and language disorders. He will be conducting tDCS research to help with speech disorders. Dr. Corbier is also dedicated to the study of nutrition and its role in brain related disorders and practices ‘nutritional neurology’, combining neurology with evidence-based nutritional approaches to improve the overall health of his young patients.

“My goal in practicing pediatric neurology has been to provide the best care possible for the patients I treat. In recent years I have been moving toward a new model and paradigm of care focusing on wellness and prevention, or what I refer to as “nutritional neurology.”
My vision has been to develop a patient-centered program with a heavy emphasis on collaboration, coordination and research. This research will help us apply already-existing tools for treatment, and to develop new tools for the same purpose. I’ve always felt that with time and resources, we can profoundly impact the lives of neurologically challenged patients.
BRM is my way of providing quality care to all patients through research and by removing the barrier of financial limitations.”


Sheila Natarajan

Dr. Natarajan is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Natarajan received her undergraduate training at Davidson College as a Smith Scholar and went on to pursue her medical training at the UNC School of Medicine at Chapel Hill, NC where she was named a Riggins scholar placing her in the top two of her medical class. In addition, she graduated with the honor of Doctorate of Medicine with Distinction. She completed her internship in internal medicine, and residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC where she has been involved in Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes research. She is trained and certified in medical acupuncture and is also certified as an independent medical examiner by the ABIME. Dr. Natarajan is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Her interests include neurorehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine, prosthetics and orthotics, adults and pediatrics, integrative medicine and life care planning. .

“In my work with children severely impacted by chronic neurologic and metabolic disorders I have stood in awe at the strength, courage, and resourcefulness of their parents. There is no way to properly convey just how these diseases affect both my patients and the families that love them. I have seen parents utilize their last savings, their last bit of energy, their last resource to do whatever it takes to help their child, even if only for the hope of a small benefit. And so often these sacrifices are not just a one time deal — they are ongoing, day after day after day. I have watched children in our community succumb to mitochondrial disorders, a type of metabolic disease, that have robbed them of their childhood. There is still so much we in the medical community do not know about these neurologic, degenerative, and metabolic conditions; they leave parents and patients searching for answers and a plan of action. It is for this reason I am a part of Brain Restoration Ministries — to provide a platform for research, outreach, and resources of all kinds to those in our community that need it the most.”

Fred Callahan

Fred Callahan received his degree while at Pennsylvania State University, Penn State University Park School of Mechanical Engineering, State College, Pennsylvania. With over twenty five years of engineering related research, he received certification, training and advanced training in transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) from Dr. Dylan Edwards at Burke Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Marom Bikson Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at the City University of New York (CUNY), and tDCS for Neuropsychiatric Research at Harvard Medical School under the instruction of Dr. Felipe Fregni and Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone. Mr. Callahan is focused on tDCS research for the various neuropathic issues associated with Autism, Rhett’s Syndrome, Mitochondria Disease, as well as many other neurological and neuro-speech related dysfunctions.

“Cal was a typical child, hitting all milestones, including language, until the age of 28 months; then over a weekend, we watched him slip away, and the following week was diagnosed severely Autistic. After numerous doctor visits and many attempts to ‘rescue’ him, we had a doctor tell us “You should just accept he has Autism”. I can’t…I won’t…I won’t give up on my child, I won’t give up on your child, or any child. What I hope to get from the research for all kids, is full recovery. Full recovery is the ultimate goal, with any progress along the way being welcomed.”

Melanie Gentile

Melanie Gentile is an Independent Pharmacist specializing in integrative health and holistic treatments for a range of neurological conditions including autism and related spectrum disorders. She holds a special interest in neuro-immune syndromes. Melanie graduated from UNC Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy in 1987. She has since worked in independent pharmacy and was the Director of Pharmacy for First Hospital, a mental health hospital in Nashville, TN where she became interested in the treatment of neurological conditions. She then managed an integrative pharmacy in NC and was privileged to attend DAN, Autism One and National Autism Association conferences, further extending her knowledge and experience in treating neurological disorders. She has also studied with Dr. Rob Abel and Seroyal Genestra, Dr. Kendal Stewart with Neurobiologix, Dr. Lee Cowden, and has mentored under Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

“For the past 16 years, since my daughter Maria was around 18 months old and suffered a dramatic regression resulting in loss of hand function and her words, pulling her hair out by the roots and then regressed into her own world, my husband and I have searched from coast to coast for the real cause and cure for her condition, Rett Syndrome. The only thing that kept us going was hope, Brain Restoration Ministries will provide funding to support the research necessary to help Maria and many other children who suffer every day.”